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Sakhi Beauty Clinic

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

The best way to celebrate a woman is to celebrate her elegance. Beauty comes from within but elegance has to be nurtured. What if someone does this job so gracefully that they get a "Rashtra Vibhushan" award for grooming the elegance in ladies?!It can and has happened."Sakhi beauty parlor", most of the women residing in Baroda have heard of this name at least once.

It is famous for their Bridal make up, Mrs. Parul Parikh has set the record of having done makeup of 28 brides within 14 hours and it has also been registered in The Limca Book of World Records. To add up to your astonishment, Mrs. Parul isn't permanently settled in Baroda. She does the most long distance "up-down" from Canada to India. Still, she agreed to meet us just over a phone call in spite of her busy schedule. When we met her, she already had 10 brides lined up for the day. So even in the short talk that we had with her and followed by that a chat session with her daughter Mrs. Binali Dalal, we discovered that this mother-daughter duo reaching heights of success is a story of every house-maker. Mrs. Parul also used to get bored with her daily monotonous routine i.e. her husband going to work and then sending her kids to school. Her boredom led her to practicing her talent of color combination and grooming on a next level other than just family functions and social club meetings.

In 2000, she started "Sakhi" in just a small room and from that day, she has never looked back. She makes a bride’s day more special on her most special day as her hands create wonders and she has done make up for Christian to Marathi to Gujarati to a South Indian bride. Another twist in the story came when they decided to move to Canada in 2007 and Mrs. Parul had to shift as her family was shifting. She did shift there, but "Sakhi", her third child; she couldn't abandon it.

In Canada, she got the professional degree in grooming and that added another feather in her cap. Even after setting up the same work in Canada, she was just not satisfied. So, she listened to her heart and found a solution that she would stay in Canada, but during wedding season she’ll be in Gujarat and so she travels to India 2-3 times and manages to keep her passion in action. Now doing up-down from Canada to India is surely a tough task.

when we asked about what drives her, she replied,"It is my passion towards my work that drives me. I get satisfaction in doing what I do, and that keeps me going in spite of these many challenges, and also that my kids are settled now, my daughter helps me with the admin work; so life is good.”

She is a very hardworking and dedicated woman who hasn't left her family and values behind in achieving all this success and I think that is what is special about a woman; I guess they know how to keep all things together. Mrs. Parul is states the living example of following your passion until you achieve it and after that a little more. She says that a woman can achieve anything she desires, at any age of her life. If you make your challenges your road towards success, way to go woman! Change comes from within; you have to be the solution to all your problems and women, always have the power to be the change.

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Hetvi is editor in chief and co-founder of Baroda Beat.hetvi takes care of the articles and also to approach people. Idea of Baroda Beat won't be come to existence without her. No matter how big your dream is she'll make you believe that you can achieve it.

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